Commission a painting

I undertake many commissions from landscapes and portraits to large scale projects. If there is a specific place or subject you would like captured in a painting please get in touch. All I need from you is the subject or location and the canvas dimensions in order to give you an idea of the cost. If we decide to go ahead with the commission, I research the subject and come up with a proposal for you to look at and approve before starting the painting.

The composition of the work is designed to suit the size and dimensions of the painting requested. The frame is then handmade and the canvas stretched, primed and prepared for each individual commission.

Plan ahead. It can take time, first with the research, then the painting, and then the drying of the oils. Sometimes locations work best at specific times of year, too, so please be prepared to be patient.

A commission works best when patrons take my recommendations on board. I am always honest as to what I think would work in a painting as it is in everyone’s interest that each painting that leaves the gallery is among the best work I can produce.