Shane Record Bike

I love everything about cycling, its health and environmental benefits, and I cycle as often as I can. Cycling is central to what I do. To find subjects and good conditions I need to be outdoors a lot, yet walking can be a little slow while driving too fast. Getting on and off my bike is perfect, as I can also get to places inaccessible by car.


Over the years this led to the desire to create a completely unique bicycle – a signature bicycle – a work of art in itself like a piece of sculpture that I could put on a plinth in my gallery. It took a long time to plan and build – the mudguards were handmade from Mahogany, Purpleheart, Maple and Wenge, and on the handmade frame every mirror-polished lug has a Fleur de Lys pattern. Amongst many other little details, I even got the pantone colour for the frame to perfectly match one of my paintings of the sea!

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